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Why run with scissors when you can bake with nuts?

Coming from a family of bakers, I've enjoyed baking all my life. There was always a homemade meal on the table and weekends normally meant there was a pie, cake, cobbler--or two--ready for us once we cleaned our plates.

MOM taught me how to make an amazing pie crust and her pecan pie is still the first one gobbled up at Thanksgiving dinner. 

GRANNY could do it all. Watching her fish and garden was fun, but her baking is what really stuck with me. She's won multiple ribbons, including Best of Show at the State Fair of Texas. 

AUNT JOELLA (Granny's daughter) helped me win my first blue ribbon in the youth division. She taught me that baking may not be rocket science, but that it's pretty darn close. Joella has also won the elusive Best of Show FOUR times. I'm really behind the curve. 

AUNT MONA (Mom's sister) baked beautiful wedding cakes. I always marveled at the elaborate designs and tiers created. 

I hope you enjoy these baked goods as much as I enjoy making them. I'm always trying new things to keep up with the ever-changing palates. I'm currently testing gluten-free recipes with custom-blended flour mixes.